About Us

YnY International Inc. is your one stop importer and wholesale distributer of general merchandise!

From air fresheners to health and beauty products to medicine, we carry it all! We strive for customer statisfaction by giving them the best items at the best prices anywhere! Whether you own a mini store to a super store, come to us for all your general merchandise needs.

Please do feel free to look around and if you cannot find something you're looking for, please do visit our store or call for more information on our products and services.

New Products
monster stun + cigarette lighter
lipstick stun purple
power pulse 800
techno 10560
dazon torch lighter
lipstick stun red
rikang single torch silver tip
techno 20006
hy-1108 stun black
monster stun ez grip
rikang triple torch black tip
hy-1108 stun gold
monster stun ultra mini
scorch 61250
zico zd-32
lipstick stun black
natural inhaler
scorch 61312
zico zd-33
lipstick stun blue
pistol lighter 05918